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Who We Are

Strategic Analysis leverages the unique specialist capabilities of the Henry Jackson Society Research Division to provide our clients with decision-ready, commercially relevant research, analysis and consulting services. These services assist them in mitigating risks and identifying opportunities for their business. The Research Division monitor and analyse the economic, security and political risks which may impact our clients operating in the Middle East and North Africa and Eurasia. Strategic Analysis offers incomparable access to the Research Division together with a selection of services which are tailored to our clients’ requirements.

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What We Do

Our analysts draw upon their detailed knowledge of the Middle East and North Africa, Turkey and Russia, to highlight key daily opportunities and risks for our clients. We leverage our source network to identify trends and to forecast the time-frames in which potential risks and opportunities are likely to unfold. We assist our clients by clearly identifying which assets, sectors or individuals are most likely to be impacted. As well as the PROSPECT intelligence portal where clients may access daily, weekly and sector specific reports, Strategic Analysis offers consultations with our analysts together with bespoke reports so that your specific concerns may be addressed. We customise our analysis, determine the optimal deliverable and ensure we meet the requirements of our clients.

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